Learning Programming Languages in 2022

Learning Programming Languages in 2022

You’ve arrived at the threshold, about to enter the realm of programming. It is large and full of exciting opportunities. But wait, there’s more: where do you even begin? Which language should you begin with? There are a lot of them; some of them are more popular than others. Which one, though, would be best for you?

Only after some self-reflection and asking yourself the following questions will you be able to answer these questions:

  • What is my motivation for learning a programming language? Is it for professional reasons or for personal study and fascination?
  • What technologies will be in demand in 2022, and which will arrive later?
  • Do I want to create apps, websites, or video games, or do I want to collect and analyse data?
  • Do you want to learn a high-level language that’s simple to work with or a low-level language that’s closer to the hardware?
  • What kind of work do you intend to do with the language you’re learning? Startup? Freelance? Or perhaps in one of the tech behemoths?

Learning and mastering a language takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, be clear about why you’ve chosen a certain language so that you can fall back on it when things go rough.


Python is a general-purpose language that is widely used for artificial intelligence, machine learning, data analysis, scientific computing, and backend web development. It is now one of the most widely spoken languages. Python can be used to create anything you want, including games, resources, apps, and more!

It is consistently praised for being user-friendly and for providing access to a wide range of exciting job options. It is relatively simple to grasp (reads almost like English) and saves novice coders from the perplexing hardcore syntaxes of C and Java. It’s the 4th most popular language on Github, and it has the 5th largest StackOverflow community, so there’s always someone to help!


This is a perennial favorite. Java was created as a replacement for the notoriously difficult C++ programming language. It received such a great response that now 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies have used it for app and backend development. This is the language of Android apps if you’ve ever been curious. If you’ve already begun learning Java and want to meet with several firms, here’s a list of Java Interview Questions that will help you ace the majority of interviews.

Despite being less beginner-friendly than Python, Java offers incredible employment options. You might be put off at first since you’ll have to do a lot of coding to develop a working app, but the long-term benefits are vast, and it’s the third most in-demand skill on the Angel List. It also has the second-largest StackOverflow community.

R Programming

If data analysis, statistical computation, machine learning, and data visualisation are your goals, R is the way to go. Because it was developed solely by statisticians, it is often regarded as the lingua franca of statistics.

However, be aware that R is not the most beginner-friendly language available. It is harder to grasp because it does not read like English. However, it excels at the tasks for which it was created. With comparison to Python, data visualization in R is a lot easier. R has a smaller community than other languages due to its niche nature, making it the 11th most followed language on StackOverflow.


If you want to work in front-end web development, you’ll need to know JavaScript in addition to HTML and CSS. You can create interactive webpages, mobile apps, desktop apps, and even games using it!

Because Java is a high-level language that does not require any coding environment to execute, it is a relatively beginner-friendly language. It will enough to use your browser. The issue is that different browsers may interpret the same piece of code differently. If you need help with these issues, you’ll find enough of it on StackOverflow and Meetup, as JavaScript has the largest StackOverflow and Meetup communities.


Swift will assist you in realizing your ambitions of creating native iOS and Mac OS apps.

It is easy to learn because it is significantly influenced by Python and Ruby. Another major point is that it reads like English. It was created by Apple to be a polished version of the clumsy Objective-C language that iOS developers previously had to work with. Despite being a very young programming language (it was just released in 2010), it is still the 10th most popular on StackOverflow.


Ruby is a high-level programming language that may be used to build full-stack websites. To begin with, it is exceedingly simple and enjoyable, making it a favourite choice among coding novices. Yukihiro Matsumoto created it in Japan, where it was utilised to create video games. It boasts the eighth-largest StackOverflow community, with members adhering to the unofficial motto “Matz is pleasant, so are we.”

Ruby is popular among IT startups because of its ease of prototyping. In reality, current digital giants like Twitter, Shopify, and Airbnb have all used Ruby at some stage in the development of their websites.

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