Open Source Project Management Tools in 2023

Open Source Project Management Tools in 2023

Here are a few free and open-source project management tools to think about.


OpenProject is an open-source project management software that is agile, efficient, classic, and hybrid. You will be able to protect your privacy using the most up-to-date privacy and data security standards. By integrating it into your infrastructure, you may have complete control and ownership of your data.

Using the tool will provide you with unrestricted access to all of your data and its storage. It will also enable your team to work in a more productive, enjoyable, and straightforward manner. Furthermore, your team will be able to track their work in order to achieve better outcomes, as well as organize jobs swiftly and assign tasks to everyone in the team.

So you can communicate more efficiently, OpenProject stores everything in one place. Maximize your employees’ creativity and experience by using shared timelines to see and build project ideas. By understanding the scope, analyze the detailed actions to establish a strategy and inform everyone on how to proceed and when to deliver the project. With each iteration, agile teams will measure, learn, and build to provide faster and better work.

Open Source Project Management Tools

OpenProject provides the tools needed to implement approaches such as Kanban and Scrum, as well as agile product development. Developers, open-source fans, corporations, and others can use it to find the best arrangement, which includes both physical locations and flexible hosting options.

For the self-hosted OpenProject, the enterprise on-premises provides premium, professional support and security features. Calculate your price based on the number of users. Choose from a variety of support packages and subscription periods to receive your app for as little as $405 per year for up to 5 users.


ERPNext, open-source project management software, can help you improve your daily working style. It enables you to organize your tasks, schedule, plan, and analyze projects faster by interacting with your team.

ERPNext helps keep track of your project deadlines with a clear view of the plan. You can manage everything from a single workspace and simplify projects by figuring out a task-driven strategy.

ERPNext makes collaboration simple by allowing you to break down a project into manageable chunks and distribute them to your team members. You’ll also be able to track your project’s progress and efficiency through priorities, a clear scope, milestones, and expected timelines.

Open Source Project Management Tools

ERPNext also allows you to share and upload multimedia files such as photos, documents, and videos. With the help of auto-replies to incoming emails, maintain smooth communication with everyone. Get up-to-date and accurate information whenever you need to keep track of spending and budgets, plan better for each project, and understand how the money was spent. You can also use it to create software for open-source initiatives.


Restya is an open-source project management platform for managing tasks, chat, to-dos, and more. Restya is a Trello-style kanban board with advanced category Extend Restyaboard and a slew of other features including scripts, user styles, widgets, and connectors.

They offer a MyRestyaboards app that works on both iPadOS and iOS. It manages several Restya Boards and allows you to simply import existing boards from Asana, a project and project management platform.

It’s a cloud-based project management system that lets you import work from Kantree, a versatile management tool for organizing, collaborating on projects, managing, and planning. Additionally, boards from Pipefy, Taiga, Taskwarrior, Trello, and Wekan can be readily transferred to Restya Board.

Every project is managed by a distinct board, and you can establish many boards and manage them all at the same time. For immediate and quick launches, use existing templates, and reproduce a single board numerous times with different names. In addition, the keyboard shortcut keys allow you to execute tasks such as member deletion and addition, card opening, voting, and so on.

Open Source Project Management Tools

Create a single digital platform with project details and classifications. You’ll get an interactive interface, greater organization visibility, and the ability to edit, add a member, remove a member, alter permissions, sort, and delete in this digital platform.

Simple boards can be viewed, or you can use filters to see a list of boards and change their visibility to public or private. You can also see the cards in a grid or a list format. Restya provides you with a calendar view with colour options to help it stand out.

Gantt view, report view, member invitation, member list view, editing visibility mode, changing the backdrop, updating textures and patterns, custom background option, automatic subscription, productivity beats, and much more will be available to you.


You might use Focalboard, which is a self-hosted open-source project management platform. The Kanban board perspective aids in the organization, management, tracking, and definition of work across your teams. It is available in two editions:

Focalboard Personal Desktop is a desktop application for personal and to-do list tasks. For the optimum performance and speed, it’s a single-tenant application that runs on a local server.

Open Source Project Management Tools

The Focalboard Personal Server is a self-hosted server that allows you to interact more effectively with your team.

To your choice, change the date created, priority, sort settings, filter settings, and group by parameters. You can also modify the group property by dragging cards from one column to another. Additionally, you can change the cards whenever you want to see the list of characteristics, content, and comments.

You can see all of the cards in one place and open them by hovering over the title in table views. Each board also includes card and board templates that may be adjusted to meet the needs of your team. Get a Personal Desktop for Mac and Windows, and a Personal Server for Ubuntu.


Taskcafe is an open-source project management program that uses a Kanban board interface to help you organize multiple tasks by setting due dates, adding checklists, and labeling. Each assigned job will be visible once you enter the “My Tasks” page.

There will also be options for personal projects, task comments, task activities, and other options. If you’re looking for a replacement for NextCloud, Trello, and other project management tools, Taskcafe is a good option. It fits into your workflow and makes project management a breeze. It’s still in the early stages of development, but it already offers a lot of helpful and interesting features.

Open Source Project Management Tools


ProjectLibre is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for a tool to assist you with management responsibilities. It’s an open-source Microsoft Project replacement that runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux and can open MS Project files. It also allows teams to work on multiple projects at the same time.

ProjectLibre is available in 29 languages, and you can choose your preferred language from a drop-down menu. Gantt charts, PERT charts, network diagrams, RBS/WBS charts, earned value costing, resource histograms, and more features and benefits are available.

Open Source Project Management Tools


To manage agile and simple projects for your teams, use Orangescrum, an open-source project management application that is scalable and safe. It helps you build strategies, plan ahead of time, execute your plan, and ensure that your team completes a project on time.

Orangescrum assists you in strategically planning everything in order to increase productivity and obtain best results. You may not only create project plans, but also monitor and deliver them in a seamless manner. When giving roles to your peers, it also aids in real-time collaboration and resource efficiency.

To improve success rates, Orangescrum connects your workflow with visual project planning. Real-time data in your dashboards provides insights into portfolio performance and activities. You may also manage financial operations and budgets by keeping track of project expenses and resource costs in order to increase profit margins.

Open Source Project Management Tools

Role-based access control (RBAC) and Single Sign-On help protect your data. You may now use Orangescrum on your Android or iOS device to do the same tasks while outside. Furthermore, centralize your project information so that you can access it from anywhere.

If you’re a startup looking to keep track of your work, the startup plan for 10 people costs $9 a month and includes features such as limitless tasks, projects, Gantt charts, status, task reminders, 5 GB of storage, and 5 guest users.


Deliver your project on time and on budget with Taiga, a project management tool with a wealth of functionality and a user-friendly interface for multi-functional agile teams. It allows you to work with your team to set deliverables and make use of their expertise.

Begin by aligning duties and prioritizing deliverables so that each member may complete them on time. Because communication is such an important aspect of management, Taiga allows you to rapidly communicate with your peers and discuss task progress. Allow your coworkers to see the current actions as well as the tasks that have been performed.

With Taiga, you can provide your team with more transparency about the project’s current state and resource allocation, as well as a better understanding of the effort required to accomplish it. It has an easy-to-use interface that makes working and completing tasks a breeze.

You may adjust the workflows and add more features without having to go through a complicated setup process in the middle of the project. Taiga also provides dependability, independence, adaptability, flexibility, security, performance, and stability to help you create great projects.

Sign up for a free account to access up to five private projects, unlimited public projects, and 300MB of storage. If you want more features, the $5/user/month subscription is the way to go.


Leantime, as the name implies, provides “lean” project management, which is ideal for innovators and entrepreneurs. It’s built to run smoothly from project conception to completion. The MySQL database is used by this open-source program, which is written in PHP and JavaScript.

Kanban boards for task management, calendar and table views, Gantt charts for milestone management, and Lean Canvas for research boards are among the features. Timesheet management, project dashboards, retrospectives, reports, two-factor authentication, and numerous user roles are all included.

Tasks, milestones, and timesheets may be exported to CSV and Leantime can be connected with Slack, Zulip, and Mattermost. This program is available in English, Russian, Spanish, and Dutch, and it uses a local file system or AWS S3 for file storage.

Open Source Project Management Tools


Wekan with the kanban board is free and open-source project management software on this list. A Kanban board is an amazing tool for keeping your work organized, such as keeping a to-do list, working in a team, organizing vacations, and checking the current status of a project.

Wekan helps you increase productivity by allowing you to focus on the things that really important. On your computer or server, it includes a one-click installation option. Wekan is accessible in 63 languages and is used in a variety of nations.

You may handle everything with this tool’s real-time user interface. It’s also compatible with a number of different systems. You’ll need a few things to install Wekan on your computer. It would be advantageous if you have 64-bit Linux Snap or Sandstorm/Windows/Mac, CPUs that support MongoDB and Node.js, 1 GB of free RAM for Wekan, a system server with 4 GB of RAM, and sufficient disc space.

Open Source Project Management Tools


Twake is a collaborative digital workspace that helps you increase organizational productivity. It allows you to smoothly connect with your team, invite external users, share files, collaborate on projects, and initiate a video meeting.

Twake allows you to manage the entire project, create new tasks, shift each task according to its progress, and allocate work to your teammates along with deadlines. Its drag-and-drop file manager makes it simple to access your saved and shared files.

You can easily manage labels and versions, as well as edit your files. Create new team events as needed, attach video links for conference calls, arrange member notifications, attach pertinent tasks and files, and set deadlines.

Twake also makes it easy to integrate the applications you need into your workflow. Files, calendars, and discussions are all independent of each other in every program. You can work on the same document in a variety of formats, including Google Docs, Libre Office, and MS Office.

Open Source Project Management Tools

Your files are safe since Twake’s database is encrypted. You also have the ability to control who has access to the files. All of your files and data are safely stored in France. It complies with GDPR and supports HTTPS/SSL encryption for secure data transfers.


Project management software helps you save time and money by speeding up your workflow, improving communication, and reducing errors. I hope the above-mentioned open-source and free project management tools assist you in achieving these benefits and successfully completing each project.

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