What is Laravel ?

What is Laravel ?

If you are coming from core PHP or some another language and you want to learn Laravel, the first question in your mind will be what exactly is Laravel ?  If you don’t know exactly what is Laravel then you can’t proceed to learn it. 
so, I am going to explain what exactly is Laravel ?

According to Laravel official documentation:
“Laravel is a web application framework with a beautiful and expressive syntax. We’ve already laid the foundation — freeing you to create without sweating the small things.”

Laravel is a free and open source PHP framework that provides a set of free tools and resources for creating modern PHP applications. Laravel has the advantage of it’s build-in features, packages and extensions with a complete ecosystem. Laravel rapidly increased it’s popularity over the last few years with thousands of developers with its smooth development process 

.The main agenda of Laravel was to write beautiful and effective code and make you love with it and Laravel forces you to write beautiful code. 

Laravel as a PHP framework makes you enable build modern, fast and scalable web applications as compare to other programming languages. 

For example, if you will write an application definitely you will have to create authentication by yourself, but Laravel comes with build in authentication system which will of course save your time of building it from scratch. 
This was just an example, there are a lot of things which comes pre made with Laravel like authentication, authorization, Queues, pre made setup for Rest APIs, migrations, development server, blade templating engine and lot more.

The most exiting part of the Laravel is, it is an open source so you can always contribute to it’s code and make it effective and everything is may more customizable. 

Laravel is a PHP framework which follows modern way of writing code which is MVC (Model View Controller).

Model View Controller View

We are not here to briefly explain what exactly is mvc,  rather lets briefly summarize with an example.
For example, we have website demo.com. 
We hit the route dome.com, the Route then will go the controller taking essential data from database via Model and the come back to controller and passes that data to the View and this way you see the view with the proper organised data.
MVC makes your applications secure and fast and now days most of the frameworks follow the same programming structure. 

The idea of this post was to make you love with Laravel and choose this as a building tool for your application. 

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