Bitcoin is better than Gold

Bitcoin is better than Gold

The most compelling argument for Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) right now is that it will eventually become a digital counterpart of gold. While cryptocurrency fans dream of a day where digital assets are useful in everyday life, the most expensive cryptocurrency is only scratching the surface as a viable store of value right now.

Institutions are starting to allocate Bitcoin to parts of their portfolios, and companies like Block and Tesla are even purchasing Bitcoin to put on their balance sheets. Many organizations are likely to follow in the footsteps of these trailblazers, paving the way for Bitcoin to be recognized as true “digital gold.”

Bitcoin’s price fluctuation

Determined by the market conditions, the price of Bitcoin rises and falls, and an investor can profit handsomely from his investment by accurately analyzing the up – and – down price trend of Bitcoin. Traditional financial stock is not dynamic, thus there is no way to make more money on the investment.

Easy to Carry

 Unlike gold, Bitcoin is digital, making it much easier to always transport about you. You also don’t need a lot of space to carry or store them. Without departing your bedroom, you could shift a billion of dollars in Bitcoin. It will take a lot of transportation, customs, approvals, middlemen, insurers, and crossing a lot of red tape to move a billion us dollars’ worth of gold.


With bitcoin, you may move freely across borders. If someone tries to cross borders with 1 KG of gold worth $50K, they may encounter a lot of difficulties, penalties, and import taxes, among other things. And in some circumstances, their gold is confiscated without cause, as was the case with this woman carrying her father’s retirement funds (and she wasn’t even immigrating!).

Ban resistant

Executive Order (6102) prohibiting the stockpiling of gold coin, gold coins, and gold certificates within the American Continent was issued by Franklin D Roosevelt in 1933. People were suddenly ‘forbidden’ from holding the gold. It took more than 40 years for gold to become lawful in the United States. Bitcoin cannot be banned by the government. Bitcoin may be held, transferred, and transacted with or without the involvement of the government because it is based on mathematics rather than bureaucracy.

Limited in supply

The fact that bitcoin has a very restricted supply is the most important point in its favor. It’s significantly more expensive because there are only 3 million more Bitcoins to mine. Every year, around 2500 tons of gold are mined around the world. No one knows for sure if the amount of gold we can harvest from the soil has a limit.


When buying gold, one must always be cautious because it can be counterfeit or mingled with quasi metals. There have been numerous instances where people have been duped into purchasing “not so pure gold”. With bitcoin, this is impossible because every bitcoin can be traced from its origin to its current shareholding structure.

Bitcoin is Divisible

You can only split your gold to a certain extent. Bitcoin is divided into tenths of a millionth of a millionth, also known as Every day, technology advances, and some predict that we might soon be able to conduct tiny transactions using bitcoins. That implies that in a micro trade, someone can be paid any money with an even lower cost using bitcoin. Gold can’t make that claim because a particle of gold has very little value.

High upside

Admit it or not, Bitcoin is still a fledgling technology, with new developments occurring every day. As a result, estimating its future value is impossible. One may argue that the ‘unknown’ is Bitcoin’s biggest disadvantage – and that argument has some merit, even if we tend to be highly bullish on the upside.

Simple to trade

Bitcoin may be traded on a variety of exchanges online. And the bitcoin that is traded may be readily converted into any local currency or a similar combination. You can’t sell physical gold online unless you also transfer physical custody.


Bitcoin is a digital money that may be used to buy and trade items. On your smartphone or laptop, you may conduct business while on the go. Try carrying a gold bar and seeing if you can purchase a sandwich with it.

More than a financial asset: Gold is merely a financial asset. It can only be used as currency in places where it is authorized (which we presume is very few places). Bitcoin is considered a global digital money as well as a “non-correlated asset.” However, Bitcoin symbolizes the blockchain technology, not just those two use cases.

Dividends forking are a bonus reason

Let’s throw in one more argument just for fun. If you keep 10 grammes of gold in a secure for 5 years and then open it, you will only discover 10 grammes of gold, nothing. Obviously, if the market rose, it would be worth a little more, but that’s about it. If you hold bitcoin in the correct wallet for five years, you will locate your Bitcoin, as well as all forked currencies, when you return to the wallet. Some of the forked coins now have a value of $300 or more. Aside from the asset appreciation,

Bitcoin or gold

The analogy between gold and bitcoin has been made numerous times. Michael Saylor highlighted the parallel as well, explaining why bitcoin is superior to gold.

The CEO of the software company MicroStrategy is well-known for endorsing Bitcoin as a potential investment. His company, for example, has made a bitcoin investment. As a result, he claims, Bitcoin has increased by 330 percent in the last year, whereas gold has increased by only 7%.

“You can see Paul Tudor Jones and other early Bitcoin aficionados thinking, ‘Perhaps it’s time for me to double or triple my investment,’ because Bitcoin outperforms gold by a factor of 50 as an inflation hedge.”

Despite the considerable risk, he claims that investments have brought happiness to many investors. For example, Bitcoin just burst through the $40,000 level for a brief period. Other cryptocurrencies enjoyed gains as well.

Also, congratulations on Ethereum.

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