Ideas for Open Source Projects

Ideas for Open Source Projects

For programmers who wish to learn and practice in open-source projects, open-source gives an enormous opportunity; they can also contribute to many open-source projects and improve their talents. Google open-source offers a wide range of environments in which they can test and deploy their applications.


AutoML is flexible and adaptive, with the best learning capabilities.

AdaNet is a TensorFlow-based framework for autonomous learning with high-quality models while requiring minimal expert assistance. It uses the AdaNet algorithm in conjunction with Cortes. It builds a neural network’s structure as a collection of subnetworks with the best learning guarantees. AdaNet is a framework for learning neural network design that is both extensive and easy to use.

Link to the source code on Github AdaNet

It has the best functionality for cloud-based monitoring, logging, and diagnostics applications.


Google Stackdriver has a strong monitoring, logging, and diagnostics system in place. It has interactive insight tools for monitoring cloud-based applications’ performance, health, and availability. It enables us to detect, discover, and assist in the speedier resolution of challenges. The finest example is Google, which runs most of its applications on Google Cloud Platform, which includes Stackdriver features.

Cloud SDK is for client-side apps and Stackdriver Error Reporting can be used for error reporting and tracking.

Link to the source code on Github Stackdriver


The name registry software for domain signatures is excellent.

Nomulus is a cloud-based platform for administering top-level domains that is scalable and open-source (TLDs). It is a trustworthy source for TLDs. It manages domain name control ownership, registrations, renewals, and availability checks for new End-user registrations, as well as collecting information about persons and their organisations.

Nomulus is a Google App Engine application that was initially written in Java.

Link to the source code on Github Nomulus


It’s a single shared tracing framework and a statistics model.

OpenCensus is a one-of-a-kind collection of open source instrumentation and observability libraries for shared distribution systems. It was created with the goal of having the least amount of overhead possible throughout the scale deployment process. OpenCensus supports application traceability automatically and expresses it locally.

It is APIs that are accessible to the general public, such as gRPC.

Link to the source code on Github OpenCensus

Google Cloud Datalab

An interactive platform for data exploration, analysis, and visualisation using open-source machine learning projects

Cloud Datalab is a powerful interactive tool for building machine learning models that can be examined, explored, and analysed. On Google Cloud Platform, it also transforms and gives data insights. It runs on Google Compute Engine and instantly connects to a variety of cloud services for data science jobs. Link to the source code on Github Google Cloud Datalab


The diagram depicts a more secure open internet connection with the finest network connectivity.

Jigsaw Academy published Outline, an open-source VPN software, in March 2018. With no effort, it creates a personal and corporate VPN server on a cloud provider of the user’s choice.

Outline server administrators can then grant access to additional users connected to the VPN using Outline clients once the configuration is complete.

It is designed for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS applications. For communication between the client and the server, it uses the Shadowsocks protocol ( Link to the source code on Github Outline


Intra is Android software that gives you additional skills and access to the top open Internet resources.

Intra protects you from DNS manipulation, a type of cyber-attack that can result in you being blocked from social networking platforms, news sites, and messaging apps. Link to the source code on Github Intra

Your internet connection to a public Domain Name System (DNS) server is managed and encrypted by Intra. DNS servers function as a contact list for utilizing the internet, with the DNS server supplying accurate addresses for visiting websites. It also provides the user with the highest level of security with encrypted internet connection features.


Flutter is an open-source project that uses a single codebase to give the greatest high-accuracy results and beautiful insights into apps for iOS and Android. Link to the source code on Github Flutter

It’s a mobile-based app SDK that lets you create high-performance, high-accuracy apps for iOS and Android from a single codebase, complete with scrolling behaviors, typography, and icons.


ION is a scale of libraries and tools for constructing client-based applications, notably in graphical fields, which is small and portable. Link to the source code on Github ION

It is insufficient, secure, fast, and reliable, and it is cross-platform with a variety of devices, including mobile devices and browsers.

What are the benefits of using Ion?

Small: It has a binary size limit of 500k on portable devices.

Robust and powerful: It has a higher potency on software that has been built.

Allocate memory.

The ability to thread

  • Features for altering environment settings in real time
  • In the production context, spontaneous performance

Graphics software

  • It evaluates the greatest graphics images in order to find out how to improve performance.
  • Use the finest images to automatically display sources in various connections.
  • For run-time shader modification functionality, the best run-time graphics capabilities are required.


It has been thoroughly tested and provides the best testing option for your application, as shown below:

  • Capability to test everything
  • Cross-platform black-box and white-box testing solution providing unit and integration test results

Cross Platform

  • Provides cross-platform desktop environments for Linux, Mac OSX, and Windows.


  • It gives multiple Google teams a cross-functional environment to work in, and it runs on billions of devices through various Google products.

ION is used by Google in places where it is possible.

We can use ION in Google Daydream, Google Earth, and a variety of other internal Google applications.

DeepMind Lab

DeepMind Lab is a research and development center at Google.

A DeepMind Lab is a 3D platform for agent-based AI research that is open-source and customizable.

It’s a three-dimensional game program designed to analyze and improve generic artificial intelligence and machine learning applications. It performs a series of energizing exploration and puzzle-solving exercises that are particularly beneficial for deep support learning. It is a controllable and flexible API that enables productive task-designs and Artificial Intelligence-design solutions. Link to the source code on Github DeepMind Lab

How Google’s DeepMind Lab works

DeepMind Lab is a research and training facility for DeepMind’s learning agents.


V8 is a high-performance open-source JavaScript engine that can run on standalone applications as well as embedded code environments. It gathers and merges JavaScript to machine level code before executing its handles, maintains memory allocation for trash collected objects, and provides the best strategies for speedier execution. V8 also provides users with a stable, interactive, and responsive web experience. Link to the source code on Github V8


The Weave network application layer is an open-source platform that enables secure, stable, and reliable communications resolution for applications. Link to the source code on Github OpenWeave

Weave protocols provide connectivity between one and more devices, as well as device-to-mobile and device-to-cloud communication, in the context of the Internet of Things (IoT). Point-to-point communication and IP networking are both possible with Weave. Thread and cellular systems are two examples.


The Kubernetes Machine Learning Toolkit. Link to the source code on Github KuberFlow

The Kube Flow project was created with the primary goal of deploying machine learning (ML) based application workflows on Kubernetes in a small, portable, and scalable manner. It provides an open and transparent method for deploying the best OS operations for machine learning to diverse foundations.


Magenta is an open-source research project that looks into the performance of machine learning in the creation of architecture and music. It incorporates new deep learning techniques and expands the use of machine learning algorithms to create music, drawings, and sketches. Link to the source code on Github Magenta

It’s also an investigation into producing smart devices that give artists and musicians the best mechanism so that they may explore more and create the best music and design.


ZXing is an open-source project as well as a barcode image processing library that runs on Java and has ports to various languages. “Zebra crossing” is another name for it. Link to the source code on Github ZXing

ZXing is used in conjunction with web research to obtain millions of web-indexable barcodes. It also lays the groundwork for the Android Barcode Scanner app, which is now part of Google Product.

Open Images Dataset

The Open Image Dataset is a collection of 9+ million mixed images with a rich combination of annotations; these images are different and also have complex visualisation; with the Open Image dataset, we can connect and solve these problems by using image-level labels annotations, object bounding boxes, better segment suggestions and visual connections, and more features. Link to the source code on Github Open Images Dataset

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