Best Open Source PBX Software of 2022

Best Open Source PBX Software of 2022

Best Open Source PBX Software of 2022

Open source PBX (Private Branch Exchange) software is a type of communication system that enables organizations to manage and route calls within their internal network, as well as between internal and external networks. There are several open source PBX software options available, including popular choices like Asterisk, FreePBX, Elastic, SIPfoundry, 3CX, OpenSIPS, PBXInAFlash, Kamailio, OpenPBX and FreeSWITCH. These software options offer flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and scalability, making them an attractive option for organizations of all sizes. They can be configured to suit specific needs and are compatible with a wide range of SIP phones, VoIP gateways, and SIP trunks. Additionally, open source PBX software is constantly being improved and updated by a community of developers, ensuring that users have access to the latest features and capabilities.


Three of the original developers who worked on Asterisk established the FreeSWITCH platform. It includes everything you’ll need to create your own unified communications suite and customize it to your company’s needs. Because the platform is modular, you can only add the components you require to run your system. This improves the system’s stability and makes it easier to operate.

Because the FreeSWITCH team believes in exploiting the most recent technological breakthroughs, the platform supports all of the most popular communication technologies, including SIP, H.323, and WebRTC. For compared to other open source PBX systems, integrating this platform with third-party apps, systems, and software is quite simple when building a unified communications system.

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FreeSWITCH has all of the basic calling features you’d expect from an enterprise-grade PBX, as well as a few that aren’t found anywhere else. Speech recognition and synthesis modules are two examples of modules that can be quite beneficial when creating a bespoke IVR.


When it comes to open source VoIP solutions, Asterisk is the gold standard. It’s an open source PBX platform that a wide range of enterprises of all sizes utilize all over the world. Many cloud-based PBX companies, in fact, use Asterisk to power their services.

The biggest benefit of utilizing Asterisk is its extensive feature set, which continues to expand year after year. You may transform any PC into a comprehensive communications server using this open source technology. Voicemail, IVR, rule-based call routing, automatic call distribution, and conference calling are all standard PBX capabilities. Because the Asterisk PBX platform is free and open source, you can use it and tweak it as needed without paying any license fees.

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Because Asterisk is the most well-known open source PBX, there is plenty of information available about it. Digium, the firm that maintains Asterisk, as well as several third parties, offer online courses, manuals, and live web classes.


This open source software package provides a complete unified communications solution, including an IP PBX as well as fax, email, instant messaging, and collaboration features. Many entrepreneurs who require a convenient and adaptable communications solution for their new firm choose Elastix, which was originally built on the Asterisk platform. It is absolutely free to use, regardless of the size of your company.

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Aside from Asterisk, the Elastix system incorporates capabilities from a number of open source PBX solutions, including Openfirm and HylaFAX. You receive a powerful set of functions packaged in a user-friendly UI. If your company conducts outbound calling campaigns with a big number of prospects or customers, you’ll be pleased to learn that Elastix features a call center module with a predictive dialer.


SIPfoundry has been a significant competitor to the Asterisk open source PBX technology since 2004. It provides much of the same capability as the Asterisk engine in terms of features. SIPfoundry may be customized to create a communications system that is completely tailored to your company’s needs.

SIPfoundry offers plenty to offer whether you only want a system with simple calling functions or you want to develop a full unified communications suite. Voice and video interactions are supported, as well as IM and chat capability, unified messaging, and a mobile client. This open source system has been used by a wide range of corporations, organizations, and government agencies all across the world since its inception.

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Because SIPfoundry is an open source PBX, you can download it for free, install it on your own server (on premise or in the cloud), and customize the code as needed. The organization behind this PBX system, on the other hand, offers professional support services to businesses that require them, starting at $495 per month for up to 100 users.


You’ll be able to establish a unified communications solution that you can genuinely call your own when you install open OpenSIPs on your server. The platform is designed to be scalable and flexible, making customization simple. OpenSIPs enables not only phone, but also IM, video, and presence services, as one would expect from a complete unified communications platform.

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OpenSIPs has been regarded as one of the fastest open source SIP servers, which sets it apart from the competition. A web-based interface allows you to manage your PBX and obtain all of the important information as well as make rapid setup adjustments. You can use the full instructions and tutorials on the OpenSIPs website if you need assistance getting the platform up and operating on your server.


If you wish to take use of the Asterisk open source PBX’s strength, flexibility, and functionality in the easiest way possible, FreePBX is an open source platform you should consider. It provides a web-based interface that makes setting up and administering an Asterisk-based PBX far easier than you ever imagined.

You have a lot of flexibility with FreePBX. You can download and install just the GUI if you already have an Asterisk system up and running. You can download the full package, which contains a pre-configured Linux OS, the Asterisk system, the GUI, and all dependencies needed to make everything work together, if you wish to set up a complete PBX server.

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Users who need to set up their own SIP trunks will appreciate the fact that FreePBX already includes SIPSTation. If you want to personalize and expand your PBX even further, there are a variety of open source and commercial add-ons available that will give you about every function you could desire from a business phone system.


3CX is a corporate phone system that has garnered a lot of excellent feedback from users, with many users applauding how easy it is to use. It has capabilities that allow you to use both traditional PSTN and VoIP phone systems. The entire platform is simple to install and run on a Windows server. For individuals who would rather not have to configure a Linux box merely to deploy their own PBX, this capability will be quite useful.

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The fact that 3CX has clients for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac makes it very straightforward to use. Of course, you can utilize your system with any other SIP-compatible softphone. 3CX also uses the power of WebRTC to provide video conferencing capabilities.

Finally, you’ll get a number of features that will make it easier for you to communicate with your prospects and consumers. In addition to providing connectivity with many of the main CRM systems, the platform allows you to add “Click to Call” capabilities to your web pages or mobile apps. There is an entire school of online reference and training materials accessible to assist you in understanding how the system functions.


The Kamailio platform is maintained by a team of developers with over 15 years of expertise in the field. It’s updated on a regular basis with new features and functionalities, so you’ll never have to worry about your PBX falling behind on the latest technology.

Kamailio is one of the safest systems available, with a variety of authentication and permission options. This makes it a good solution for enterprises that deal with sensitive data on a daily basis, such as those in the medical or financial industries. The platform not only has a high level of security, but it also has some innovative features like automatic load balancing, routing fail-over, and least cost routing. You’ll be pleased to learn that data and messaging are also fully supported if you wish to use it to develop a unified communications solution.

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The biggest disadvantage of this open source PBX system is that it has more advanced enterprise and carrier grade functionality than others, making it more difficult to use. However, if your staff has a thorough understanding of VoIP systems and the SIP protocol, they should be able to get it up and operating without too much trouble.


PBXInAFlash is a complete PBX solution that emphasizes simplicity of installation and use. You should absolutely consider it if you want to deploy your own PBX in the easiest way possible. Even if you have no technical skills, you can get everything set up in less than an hour using this method. The system is based on the CentOS Linux operating system and provides all of the components necessary to create a customized PBX that properly suits your company’s demands.

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Everything you’ll need to get your system up and running is included in the installation package. You can pick whether your PBX will run on an Asterisk or FreePBX version during setup. The installer will also set up your MySQL database, SendMail email service, and Apache web server. If you need assistance at any point during the procedure, the PBXInAFlash website has a wealth of free reference materials.

You’ll get a complete collection of capabilities with this simple PBX solution, including caller ID lookup services, connectivity with Google Voice and other cloud-based services, faxing support, and automatic backups. The system is also one of the most dependable and bug-free on the market today.


Despite the fact that Voicetronix is most recognized for its phone equipment, they also produce a high-quality open source PBX software suite. Their solution consists of a web-based application and user administration portal, as well as a graphical user interface (GUI) for back-end system configuration. Voicemail, hunt groups, call distribution, music on hold, call recording, and auto attendant are all standard PBX features.

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Businesses who connect with a large number of consumers on a regular basis may appreciate the platform’s CRM system. This is especially appealing to businesses who would prefer avoid the hassle and price of implementing a standalone CRM solution.

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