How to Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows

How to Install MongoDB Community Edition on Windows

Using the default installation process, install MongoDB 5.0 Community Edition on Windows in this article.

MongoDB Version

MongoDB 5.0 Community Edition is installed in this tutorial. Use the version drop-down option in the upper-left corner of this page to select the documentation for a different version of MongoDB Community.

Installation Method

The default MSI installation procedure is used in this article to install MongoDB on Windows. See Install MongoDB with msiexec.exe to install MongoDB using the command-line tool instead. System administrators can use the msiexec.exe utility to deploy MongoDB in an unattended manner utilizing automation.


To use the MongoDB Installer wizard to install MongoDB Community Edition, follow these instructions. Both the MongoDB binaries and the default configuration file install directory>bin\mongod.cfg are installed during the installation procedure.

  • 1. Download the installer.

From the following site, download the MongoDB Community.msi installer:

Download Center for MongoDB

  • Select the MongoDB version to download from the Version selection.
  • Select Windows from the Platform selection.
  • Select msi from the Package dropdown.
  • Click on the Download button.
  • 2. Run the MongoDB installer

For instance, the following is taken from the Windows Explorer/File Explorer:

  • Go to the directory where the MongoDB installer was downloaded (.msi file). This is your Downloads directory by default.
  • Double-click the.msi file to install it.
  • 3. Follow the installation wizard for MongoDB Community Edition

The installation of MongoDB and MongoDB Compass is guided by the wizard.

Select a Setup Type
The Complete (recommended for most users) or Custom setup options are available. MongoDB and the MongoDB tools are installed to the default location with the Complete setup option. You can define which executables are installed and where they are installed using the Custom setup option

Configuration of Services
Starting with MongoDB 4.0, you can either install the binaries or set up MongoDB as a Windows service during the installation.

Install MongoDB Compass

if you want to. Select Install MongoDB Compass to have the wizard install MongoDB Compass (Default).
Install when you’re ready.

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