How to Install the MongoDB Community Edition

MongoDB Community Edition

MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database application that is open source. MongoDB is a NoSQL database application that works with JSON-like documents and optional schemas. MongoDB is a database that was created by MongoDB Inc. and is distributed under the Server Side Public License (SSPL).

MongoDB is now available under the Server Side Public License (SSPL), which was created by the project. It replaces the GNU Affero General Public License and is largely identical to the GNU General Public License version 3, except that it requires individuals who make software publicly available as part of a “service” to make the service’s whole source code available under this license as well. The SSPL was submitted to the Open Source Initiative for certification but was later withdrawn. The Apache License applies to the language drivers. MongoDB Inc. also sells proprietary licenses for the database. 4.0.3 (stable) and 4.1.4 are the most recent AGPL version 3 releases.

Due to a licensing change, MongoDB has been removed from Debian, Fedora, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux editions. Because it is “specifically structured to be aggressively discriminatory” towards business users, Fedora ruled that the SSPL version 1 is not a free software license.

The Community edition of the MongoDB distributed database has a flexible document data architecture, as well as support for ad-hoc queries, secondary indexing, and real-time aggregations, allowing you to access and analyze your data in a variety of ways.

MongoDB Enterprise Edition

The Enterprise Server is MongoDB’s commercial edition, including features like an in-memory storage engine for fast throughput and low latency, extensive security features like LDAP and Kerberos access controls, and data at rest encryption.

This product is part of the MongoDB Enterprise Advanced subscription, which offers experienced support and powerful tools to help you overcome any obstacles you might face. The MongoDB Enterprise Server, on the other hand, is accessible for assessment and development at no cost.

Installing MongoDB Community Edition is covered in these documents.

Install on Linux

On Linux, install MongoDB Community Edition and all required dependencies.

Install on macOS

Install MongoDB Community Edition from the MongoDB archives for macOS systems.

Install on Windows

Install MongoDB Community Edition for Windows and start MongoDB as a Windows service if desired.

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