The Best Open Source Data Visualization Applications in 2023

The Best Open Source Data Visualization Applications in 2023

When looking for the best open source data visualization software, you should keep in mind that many of them go beyond dashboard platforms and libraries for making graphs and charts.

Data visualization is assisting businesses all over the world in identifying trends, forecasting outcomes, and increasing profits. The display of data is an important aspect of data analysis. Simply, data visualization is the visual representation of tabular or spatial data. Images have the ability to captivate attention and clearly communicate ideas. This facilitates decision-making and motivates action in the direction of progress.

Many free and open source interactive big data visualization tools are available today that can help you undertake data analysis and identify patterns and trends.

They are strong visual analytics software that includes 3D data visualization, BI (Business Intelligence) tools, and social network visualization.

We compiled a list of the top open source data visualization programs (used mostly with Javascript, Java or Python). Others are simple charting libraries, while others are solid data analysis and visualization platforms.


Datawrapper is a mobile data visualization tool that allows you to quickly create charts and reports. The tool’s free edition for a single user allows for 10,000 monthly chart views. You can make a bar chart, a split chart, a stacked chart, a dot plot, an arrow plot, an area chart, a scatter plot, a symbol map, and a choropleth map with the tool. To use the program, you don’t need any coding or design abilities.


Google Data and Studio

If you have a Gmail account, you may use Google’s data visualization tool for free and with ease. It’s simple to integrate with Google products like AdWords, Analytics, YouTube Analytics, and Google Sheets.

02..Google Data and Studio


This open source tool can be used to create beautiful data visualizations if you know Javascript. Candela is an open-source collection of web visualization components that can be used together.



The leaflet is a free JavaScript package that lets you create interactive maps for mobile devices. The program works well on a variety of desktop and mobile platforms and includes a lot of plugins for adding capabilities.



Charted is a free data visualization application for creating line graphs and bar charts from CSV files and Google spreadsheets. LineUp component, UpSet component, OnSet component, Vega visualizations, and GeoJS geolocation visualizations are all included in the toll. The data is neither stored nor manipulated by the tool. It includes with basic tools to build line or stacked charts with labels and annotations, and it is solely focused on visualization.


Google Charts

The Google chart tool is another easy and free data visualization tool from Google. The program includes interactive charts and data visualization capabilities.

06..Google Charts


You can use Openheatmap free tool to convert your spreadsheet into a map. You may construct an interactive online map in seconds by uploading a CSV file or a Google sheet. The tool can be used to explain statistics such as zip code-based client demographics.



MyHeatMap is a free program that allows you to interact with your geographic data. Only public maps are available in the free edition of the application, and you may only add 20 data points to each of them. The application uses color-coded heat maps to make the data easy to grasp. Within the same map, you may also flip between data sets.



Dygraphs is a JavaScript-based open-source graphing framework. This free program can be used to evaluate large amounts of data. The tool has a lot of customization options and works in all browsers. Error bars and confidence intervals are well supported by the tool.



Aside from these, there are a slew of data visualization tools that offer a limited-time free trial. For example, during their 15-day trial period, GanttPro, a project management tool, allows you to build project charts for free.



Palladio is a free program for visualizing large amounts of historical data. Map view, graph view, list view, and gallery view are among the features. The program can be used to visualize data stored in CSV, TAB, or TSV files. The graph view allows you to see the relationship between your data’s dimensions. The data is represented as a network of nodes connected by lines. The list view, on the other hand, allows you to modify lists by arranging data. A gallery view is also available for displaying data in a grid.



A timeline is a free application that lets you design report timelines. You can use the tool’s templates to construct a timeline from a Google Spreadsheet by connecting your Google Drive account. You can make custom installations with JSON.



RawGraphs is a free and open-source tool for visualizing TSV, CSV, DSV, and JSON data. The free application is easy to use and assists in the conversion of data into graphs.


Tableau Public

Tableau Public is a free business intelligence platform that lets you make and share interactive charts, graphs, maps, and apps. The tool’s free edition has 10 GB of storage. You can connect it to data sources like Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, Text files, JSON files, Spatial files, Web Data Connectors, OData, and statistical files such as SAS (*.sas7bdat), SPSS (*.sav), and R (*.rdata, *.rda).

14..Tableau Public


Chartist.js is a free data visualization tool that makes it simple to construct responsive charts.

The tool is highly adaptable and adjustable. SVG elements can also benefit from CSS animations and transitions.

15..Chartist js


Plotly is a free and open-source application for creating, editing, and sharing interactive data visualizations. By uploading CSV files or connecting to a SQL database, you may use the tool to build D3.js charts and maps. R or Python can also be used to make graphs.



Polymaps is a free javascript package that allows you to create dynamic, interactive maps in your web browser. The tool can be used to display multi-zoom datasets over maps. The program displays photos using scalable vector graphics (SVG), allowing you to specify the design using CSS.



ColorBrewer is a free tool that can help you improve the color palette of your maps. On a complicated map, the tool makes it simple to distinguish colors.



D3.JS is a free JavaScript package that allows you to make data-driven pictures. The tool allows you to connect any data to a Document Object Model (DOM) and then perform data-driven document alterations. Programmers can access documents as objects using the DOM programming API.

19..D3 JS


The Weave is a free, ADA-compliant data visualization tool. The application includes a full keyboard, assistive device navigation, and screen reader compatibility. In addition, the technology provides real-time descriptions of the photos.


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