Pakistan’s Best Online Shopping Websites In 2022

Pakistan’s Best Online Shopping Websites In 2022

Pakistan has a rapidly expanding population and a burgeoning middle class. Shopping online has become more popular than shopping offline in Pakistan, thanks to the growing number of Pakistani websites.

Pakistani website shopping offers a diverse range of things, from clothing to gadgets. We’ve gathered a list of top shopping sites in this post that you should check out if you’re looking for anything from fashion clothing to tech products!

Best Online Shopping Websites

Daraz Pakistan

Pakistan’s first e-commerce portal, which sells products from both domestic and international companies. Daraz allows you to shop for anything you want, whether it’s stylish clothing, gadgets, or home appliances! If you want to save money on your online shopping, don’t forget to look at their discounted deals section, which has everything listed at a reduced price.



Goto is Pakistan’s first online shopping destination, offering a diverse selection of renowned brands in technology, fashion, beauty, and home design. Personal grooming products are also available. Its goal is to produce things that are 100 percent original.

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Shopzaar is a shopping website that features products from independent designers and firms from across the world. You can buy for fashion outfits, bags, scarves, and other accessories for your next party or wedding on their website.

Noon Pakistan

Noon is another online store that sells a variety of fashion and lifestyle items at low prices. Shopping with noon is even more convenient now that Cash on Delivery is available! You can shop for anything you desire on this shopping website, from your favorite clothes to tech devices.

Al Fatah

The Al Fatah shopping site was established in 2006 with the goal of promoting Pakistani handcrafted goods around the world. They have a large selection of handcrafted items, including carpets, handbags, and much more. is one of the leading Pakistani websites for purchasing electronic goods such as laptops and cellphones. They sell not just high-quality fashion items, but also men’s and women’s beauty goods. is a popular online retailer in Pakistan that sells high-quality clothing, accessories, and other items for ladies. Affordably priced top brands are available. This e-commerce site also sells electronics and home decor.

Fab Aladdin

Fab Aladdin is an online store that sells fashionable clothing for men and women at reasonable prices. It has released an IOS app that allows you to shop on the go. The shopping website offers a diverse selection of things for men and women, ranging from gowns to shoes.

HamariWeb is Pakistan’s premier eCommerce site, giving customers with a one-of-a-kind buying experience by providing comprehensive product information, current promotions, and price comparison. Fashion, beauty goods, and accessories are all available for purchase.

Shophive is one of Pakistan’s greatest online shopping sites since it offers a diverse selection of products, including phones, household appliances, and personal care items. Shophive is a Pakistani electronics store that specializes in electronic devices such as computers, cameras, printers, and scanners.

ShopRex is a fast-growing e-commerce site that offers hundreds of food, leisure, and beauty products to clients across Pakistan.

One of the greatest locations to buy electronics such as electronic game consoles, cellphones, tablet PCs, home theatres, wearable gadgets, and media players is the online store They also sell men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion and cosmetic products. is a Pakistani online shopping site that sells everyday products including food, fashion accessories and apparel for men and women, as well as digital devices, home décor items, and much more.


Telemart is a Karachi-based online electronic store that sells a wide range of accessories and gadgets for men and women. It is a rapidly growing electronics e-commerce store in Pakistan.

These days, Pakistan has more internet purchasing platforms than ever before. With its own specialized site, the country’s leading courier provider has also joined the contest. Mobile phones, computers, books, beauty products, and health needs are among the many items available on TCSconnect, in addition to home and kitchen. Additional categories are also available.

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