Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Many of us are compelled to work from home or self-isolate. Zoom is a program that allows you to host meetings on your desktop, and it now works on both Mac and PC.

Zoom is video conferencing software that is both simple and powerful. You can hold virtual meetings, go ahead with video chat, have conference calls, screen share, hold classrooms, and hold town halls with the free version of Zoom. There are some paid versions if you want to do more with it, but with the paid version of Zoom, you can hold virtual meetings, go ahead with video chat, have conference calls, screen sharing, hold classrooms, and hold town halls.

On the free version of Zoom, you can have up to a hundred people in a meeting, while on the subscription version; you can have up to a thousand people in a meeting. Zoom isn’t the greatest video conferencing software. There are numerous choices.

Google Meet

Google Meet is a business-oriented video conferencing and webinar platform. It is not necessary to download an application to get the full experience. It’s popular among those looking for a dedicated webinar solution with automated replays and a focus on live events. We’re now exploring webinar platforms for our newest endeavor, TrueNorth, and will almost probably choose Demio.

Demio is offering a 50% discount to non-profits and education organizations who have been compelled to move their operations online owing to the coronavirus. Google Hangouts is a video conferencing and webinar platform.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Sharing a screen

During meetings, live captioning is available.

It is free for up to 100 callers and has an adjustable configuration.

It’s designed for both laptops and mobile devices (Android and iOS)

Join a video conference by dialling in.

Your meetings should be recorded and saved in Google Drive or Google Calendar.

Google and Microsoft Office apps are integrated.

Throughout the meeting, people exchanged text messages.

It also enables you to send out invitations right from your Google calendar.

It includes a free plan that allows for up to 100 meeting attendees and up to an hour of meeting time. Up to 250 people and 300 hours of meeting time are included in the enterprise plan.


Talky is a free video chat and screen sharing app for groups of up to six people that requires no downloads, registration, or money.

It may be used in three simple steps:

Start a Conversation

Send the link to your room to the people you want to invite.

Begin conversing with one another.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Sharing a screen

Rooms that are locked

Privacy is important to us.

With easy-to-use React components, SimpleWebRTC can add voice, video, and screen-sharing to your project.


A way to meet individuals over video, as well as Zoom, which makes joining a video call for collaborating teams incredibly simple. Over 5 million people use it at firms like Netflix, Ikea, Shopify, and others. The software is compatible with all browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.

One of the best features of the Whereby is that it allows you to build one-time meeting rooms, simple video meetings for your consumers, quickly embed video meetings in your product, and more.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Unlimited encrypted video meetings are available.

There are no downloads required, and there is no need to register as a guest.

Sharing a screen

Simple room connections

A gathering with up to 100 persons is possible.

Individualized branding


You can join from any Android or iOS smartphone.

Share your ideas without using your microphone.

Emoji reactions in real time for instant feedback


Globfone is yet another cutting-edge free video chat site that lets you make VoIP conversations, share files over P2P, send free SMS, and share files with other users. Peer-to-peer video chat is the platform.

It lets you to make phone calls, send free SMS, share files on a peer-to-peer network, video chat, and send text messages. There is no need to register and there are no tricks!

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

It has innovative capabilities, such as being a fully free service that allows you to call or text your relatives and friends anywhere in the world simply by dialling a phone number.

Go ToMeeting

Go ToMeeting is another video conferencing virtual meeting platform designed for businesses; secure online meetings with the greatest audio and video quality in the industry help businesses prosper.

It allows you to conduct secure web conferencing learning and collaboration with students in small groups or for personalised classes.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Sharing a screen

Recording in the cloud

Calling a conference

Video conferencing is a video-based mode of communication.

Conferencing on the go

Meetings with duration of up to 40 minutes

Ideal for one-on-one sessions or small groups

VoIP audio that is quick and crystal clear

Meetings on the go and in the browser

It is compatible with all devices, including PCs, Macs, and mobile phones.


urLive is a Zoom substitute that allows you to make both audio and video calls. It is utilised to connect clients to the team more quickly.

Customer service, remote retail sales, remote recruiting, dealerships, healthcare clinics, educators, professionals, and enterprises are all using urLive.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Video in high definition (HD)

Using peer-to-peer technology, audio and video can be shared.

Audio, video, texting, and file sharing are all protected by encryption.

Fixed-Cost Low

In a matter of seconds, you’ll be up and running with no code.

In minutes, you’ll be up and running.

Meetings can be scheduled by clients.

Incoming Call Lines (Multiple)

Make your calls stand out.


join.me is a collaboration platform that uses a single click to cut through inefficient processes, politics, and protocols.

Join.me and GoTo are both owned by the same company. Online meetings, phone, rooms, webinars, and training are all available with Join.me, which brings together the easiest, fastest, and most innovative unified communications and collaboration offerings.

This company has a number of platforms that make collaboration simple, instantaneous, and continuous for you, your team, and your company.

Real-time sharing of papers, whiteboards, and presentations

You can start your conference call without dialling or entering a passcode if you use the app store or Google Play.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Free Conference

Call with Screen Sharing

Video Conference that you can use with Slack


Gruveo may be used to collaborate on a project, perform a PowerPoint presentation or showcase software using the screen sharing capability, and exchange messages using the in-call text chat tool.

Gruveo is used for sales leads, group calling, psychotherapy, healthcare, financial planning, coaching, onboarding, recruitment, E-commerce, and software demos, among other things.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Calls with video, voice, and screen sharing

It allows you to make and receive phone calls from anywhere.

Your call screen can be customised with your logo and a custom background.

It’s simple to make the calls.

Every other service’s call quality is on par with or better than this one’s.


Videolink2me is a free video chat for business that runs in your browser. Simply send the URL to other participants to start a video call, and then watch it in your browser.

Premium customers of videolink2.me enjoy an embedded click-to-call button, no advertisements, no restrictions while sharing files and photos, HD mode, and more.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Begin in a matter of seconds

Import contact information

Make a reservation.

Share your computer screen

Send messages in real time

It features personal rooms where you may make video calls.

a visual demonstration

Messages in video (enables communication with offline people)

Videolinks that don’t go away

Transferring files (send the files to all call participants within a group call)

Eagle Speak

Eagle Speak is a one-of-a-kind software-as-a-service (SaaS) communication platform for enterprises and teams. It runs behind the scenes, unlike most communication apps, allowing for seamless communication without disrupting your concentration or workflow.

Using Eagle Speak’s hotkeys and voice commands, users may instantly establish a secure voice connection while remaining in their current program. This allows for unrestricted communication among team members, which reduces distractions and boosts efficiency.


Audio and video solutions that make use of WebRTC technology to enable real-time communication in a variety of formats, including audio, video, chat, and document sharing.

Linkello is devoted to using online services that are both ethical and responsible. Everyone has free access to it. Easily organize your meetings online and across all platforms. Only a link to distribute without installation

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Audio and video calls, document transmission, screen sharing, and text chat are all available.

Web-based real-time communication solution

Transferring files safely

Simple to use

Easily accessible from any location

Management of appointments

100% confidentiality when it comes to screen sharing

Device administration

Camera that can be controlled remotely

Jitsi Meet

Jitsi Meet is a video-conferencing service that is completely free. It is made possible by a number of open-source projects, APIs, Mobile SDKs, and a large community of both open-source and commercial developers.

Jitsi Meet not only supports Google and Microsoft calendars, but it also comes with a set of Docker containers, allowing you to quickly deploy your own Meet instance using the docker-compose command.

Zoom and Google Meet Alternatives

Key Features

Jitsi has been named the Best Open Source Video Conferencing Software by LinuxLinks for 2018.

Video calls that are secure

Simple Scalable

For software developers, it offers a Firefox extension as well as a video chat engine.

Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and F-Droid are all supported by Jitsi.

Desktop sharing is simple to use and self-host.

Transferring files

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