How to Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection in Ubuntu 20.04

How to Test the Speed of Your Internet Connection in Ubuntu

When you need to determine the bandwidth of an Internet channel, you’ll frequently find yourself in this predicament. It is sufficient to enter the equivalent request into a search engine and test the speed on any of the search results sites in the desktop version of the operating system. If you need to perform it on the server version, you’ll need to use a different method. We’ll look at how to test the speed of your Internet connection on Ubuntu 20.04 in this post. Root privileges are required for all commands.

Install SpeedTest

You must add Speedtest’s repository in order to install it. First, install the necessary packages.

apt install gnupg1 apt-transport-https dirmngr

Add a key for the repository.

apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 379CE192D401AB61

Add the repository itself.

echo "deb generic main" | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/speedtest.list

If you have another version of Speedtest installed, uninstall it.

apt remove speedtest-cli

The package list should be updated.

apt update

Finally, install a tool to test the speed of your Internet connection.

apt install speedtest

Test your internet connection’s speed

Run the following command to perform a quick Internet speed test:


Accept the licence after reading it.

Do you accept the license? [type YES to accept]:

When the test is finished, you’ll be able to see the results:

Speedtest by Ookla
Server: Some Server
Latency: 1.22 ms (0.04 ms jitter)
Download: 82.59 Mbps (data used: 41.5 MB)
Upload: 91.69 Mbps (data used: 41.3 MB)
Packet Loss: 0.0%
Result URL:

The Result URL can be used to share the result.

You can try a different server to see how fast it is. To see the closest servers, type this command:

speedtest -L

Enter the following command, replacing “1111” with the server ID to select one of them:

speedtest -s 1111

To view all possible choices, Enter: 

speedtest --help

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