What is VICIDial and how do I set it up?

What is VICIDial and how do I set it up?

VICIdial is an open source, Enterprise-level Contact Center solution that is utilized by thousands of enterprises in over 100 countries across the world and is absolutely free to use. Agents can handle inbound and outbound calls, as well as predictive and manual outbound list dialing, inbound emails, and website customer chat sessions, all from the same agent interface with VICIdial. The panel is available in 16 different languages.

You may see a small list of how companies use VICIdial on a daily basis to conduct business.

  • Calls for customer support from small to medium-sized businesses
  • Post-checkout survey of hospital patients
  • An organization’s members are being broadcasted to.
  • Patient contact management in a doctor’s office: Calls and emails (incoming and outgoing)
  • Broadcast messaging and parent reaction are used by schools. IVRs for lead management companies (10,000+ Direct Inward Dialing) IVRs for emergency response call centres that run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Phone call logging and call redirection
  • Call center for bank customers

Minimum Hardware

Quad-Core CPU 2.0 GHz


160 GB 7200rpm enterprise-grade SATA drive

The following specifications, in addition to the ones listed above, can be used to create a more robust server (Optional)


Two 500GB enterprise-grade SATA or SAS discs in RAID-1, hot-swappable


On all installation media, the default ‘root’ password is ‘vicidial.’ At the Login prompt, input ‘root’ and at the Password prompt, type ‘vicidial.’

ViciBox is only available in a 64-bit version. It is not available in 32-bit architecture or for non-x86 architectures like as ARM or PowerPC. Any modern CPU released after 2004 should be able to install and operate ViciBox with no problems.

Steps for the Installation of VICIdial

Here are the basic steps for the installation of VICIdial:

  1. Check system requirements: Before installing VICIdial, ensure that your system meets the minimum hardware and software requirements for the software. You can find the system requirements on the VICIdial website.
  2. Download the installation files: Download the latest version of VICIdial installation files from the official website.
  3. Install required software: VICIdial requires several software components, including Asterisk, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Install these components on your system if they are not already installed.
  4. Configure your server: Ensure that your server is properly configured for VICIdial. This includes setting up the network interface, configuring the firewall, and configuring the time zone.
  5. Install VICIdial: Extract the VICIdial installation files and run the installation script. The script will guide you through the installation process, including configuring the database, creating the VICIdial user, and setting up the web interface.
  6. Configure VICIdial: After installation, configure the VICIdial settings to match your call center requirements. This includes setting up the SIP trunks, configuring the outbound campaign, and setting up the inbound queue.
  7. Test VICIdial: Test the VICIdial installation to ensure that it is working correctly. Make test calls, check the reporting, and ensure that the system is handling calls as expected.
  8. Train your staff: Train your staff on how to use VICIdial, including making and receiving calls, using the web interface, and accessing reporting.

These are the basic steps for installing VICIdial. It is important to follow the installation guide provided by VICIdial and consult with technical experts if you encounter any issues during the installation process.


  • Visit VICIBox to get the ViciBox Server ISO.
  • The server will boot to the first phase of the installation after booting from the ISO. Highlight the ‘ViciBox v.X’ option in the center of the screen using the arrow keys and press the ENTER key.
  • To accept the license agreement, hit CTRL-A on the license screen.
  • Then To continue with the boot-up phase, press ALT-N to select ‘Next’.
  • Type ‘root’ as the username and ‘vicidial’ as the password at the login box. Then press the ENTER key.
  • Type ‘os-install’ at the command prompt and hit ENTER.
  • The default language, keyboard layout, and time zone can all be changed.
  • Fill in the new ‘root’ password you want to use.
  • To install the operating system using the installation options you’ve chosen, press ALT-I.
  • To validate the removal of the previous operating system installation on the host system and the installation of the new operating system, press ALT-I.

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