What exactly VICIdial is?

What exactly VICIdial is?

VICIdial is a contact / call centre software suite designed to meet the telephony and communications needs of any business, from small to large. VICIdial is a full-featured predictive dialer that also functions as an Automated Call Distribution (ACD) system. It is built on an open source platform and has a global installation base. As a result, agents can call campaign lists automatically or manually, as well as handle inbound and outbound calls on a mixed basis. Agents can also answer to inbound emails and engage in live consumer chat sessions embedded within an existing website via a widget from a single, centralized web-based interface. Routing options and queue priority rules guarantee that calls and emails are routed to the most qualified agent, with managers able to monitor agent performance by listening in on agent calls.

VICIdial has over 2,000 functions in total, including automatic call recording that may be stopped or started at any moment, as well as call logging and status. Before web-based data exporting and sharable real-time reporting allows authorized agents, managers, and team leaders to monitor call campaign performance, user levels and permissions can be defined to restrict certain features or campaign accessibility.

VICIdial’s main advantages

VICIdial is an open source call center and contact center software solution that includes a predictive dialer for combining inbound and outbound conversations with inbound emails and customer website chat.

Calls can be automatically recorded, with the ability to start and stop recording at any time, and all calls and call statuses are stored alongside agent monitoring such as time breakdowns.

Built-in reporting features include multiple real-time and summary reports, as well as campaign display displays that provide real-time updates on performance.

Agents may log into VICIdial with simply a phone and an internet-connected web browser from any location, thanks to web-based management and data export facilities.

The service, which is an Open Source software with no use license limitations, also offers a month-to-month hosted option (VICIhost), which allows users to transition from their own hardware to VICIdial’s and back if necessary.


First and foremost, you can download, install, and use it for free, with no strings attached.

Second, it offers every calling solution software and predictive dialer feature you can think of.

Third, all reporting is done on a single screen, and there are numerous reports, including inbound, outgoing, carrier reports, and so on.

Fourth, they offer a user forum where you can submit a question or an issue you’re having, and either a VICIdial specialist or one of the many other experts on the forum will respond to your query within an hour or two, usually the same day, and answer your question or help you work through your issue.

Fifth, because it is now the most widely used dialing solution software in the world, you can discover answers to almost any question by simply Google it.

Sixth, the system requirements are minimal. I turned an old desktop into a VICIdial server when I initially installed VICIdial.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, VICIdial is always changing. New revisions and versions of the VICIbox installer are released on a regular basis, with new features added on a regular basis, and the application continues to improve! VICIbox’s next edition will include a webrtc softphone embedded right into the program, eliminating the need to download and configure softphones.

VICIdial is, in a nutshell, everything you’ve ever desired in a predictive dialer or software calling solution, and it’s completely free.


The user interface is outdated and in need of a makeover. Some of the information is contradictory.

In the real-time main report, abandonment is calculated by dividing the number of dropped calls by the number of calls answered.

It appropriately estimates abandonment in the incoming daily report by taking dropped calls and dividing them by calls offered.

Follow up on dropped calls. Scheduled reporting, forced callbacks, we can only offer our consumers a window prompt to leave a voicemail in the IVR, rather than allowing them to press a number at any time to leave a voicemail.

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